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Vision Mindset Tool.

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The most powerful form of hard work is carving out time to think. It’s spending time doing all the hard work in your mind. The thing all successful people have in common is that they are extremely focused and intentional with their lives. Having clarity on what you want and where we want to go helps you attract it into your life.

The Vision Mindset Tool I am about to introduce you to takes into account different areas of your life and gives you the opportunity to break down where you are headed (your vision), identify barriers (fog), set intentions to overcome these (pathway) and then discover how you will (feel) when you do arrive there. This a tool I personally use to get clear on my vision, where I have been, where I want to go and how best to get there.

Life, humans and happiness are multifaceted, so we created a tool that encompasses all areas of our lives. Utilising this tool is how you can finish that degree, plan to save for that overseas trip, all while scheduling in more time to see your mum. You don’t wake up happy when you achieve only career success at the cost of other areas of our lives, you need to build a well balanced life that you simply bloody love living. Happiness is holistic, and this tool is a great way to set your sights on achieving it.

It’s not supposed to be stressful, and you can create short or long-term visions! Simply speaking we want this tool to give you a clear direction with actionable steps to implement, and a point of reference to reflect back to. You might review it once a year, every 6 months, or monthly up to you.

Remember, this stuff is hard to measure and there’s no instant gratification. Most probably no one will even know you did it. Finding happiness and success is an inside job and it comes to those willing to sit down and get conscious and intentional with what they want out of life.

Here’s a few questions you can ponder if you don’t feel ready to dive into the Vision Mindset Tool just yet.

• What do you really wish you had the courage to do? If failure wasn’t an option.

• What is holding you back from doing this?

• How would you feel if you just did it?

• At this rate when do you think you will do this?

• Could filling out our Vision Mindset Tool fast forward this?

• Trick question… the answer is YES! GO GET IT DOPE CAT ;)

Download the PDF below, to fill your own TOOL out!

We hope you found some value from reading this far, even if it’s just got your mind ticking.

Upgrade your mindset, upgrade your life.

Download PDF • 885KB

** Save a tree! You can edit this bad boy on your laptop!

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