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Thoughts become things...

“If you realised how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought again”. - Peace Pilgram.

You attract what you dream, you attract what you fear. So be extremely careful of what you let into your thoughts.

Let’s start with an example: When I think “I hope my business doesn't fail”, my intention is to have a successful business, yet my thoughts are skewed negatively and such is my focus, and I am willing that negative outcome to eventuate. What we learn is that we have the choice to think in a different light; “My business will be successful”, and now my focus is set on the positive outcome, same intention. Can you see that either way I want the same thing, though by changing my wording my mind is focussed on a different outcome?

Now you must be thinking, how does changing my thoughts and focus actually do anything?

That’s where the Brain comes in. Brains are super complex and sift through billions of data at any given time. To decide what we notice & are conscious of we have a Reticular Activating system to help. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a bundle of nerves at our brainstem that filters out unnecessary information, so the important stuff gets through.

The RAS is the reason when you get a new car, no matter how rare and start seeing it everywhere. It’s why in a crowd full of people talking, you can immediately tune in when someone says your name.

The RAS takes what you focus on and inputs it into the filter. Shifting through the data (your life) and presenting only points that are important to you. It’s working in your favour to subconsciously validate your beliefs.

If you think you’re “not good enough to get a raise”, your subconscious will find reasons you probably won’t be. If you think you “do deserve the raise”, your subconscious will find reasons you most likely do. RAS helps you notice what you want to see, and this in turn influences the way you act. Say you notice all the reasons why you deserve a raise, you feel confident and walk into the Boss’s office exuding the belief that you deserve it... chances are higher that you’ll get it.

If you really want something and set your focus on getting it, you’ll subconsciously tune into the right information that helps you get there.

Now, I can hear you in the back row... I can dream about things all I want but thoughts alone won’t land me a dream job in my lap. To some degree you are right. You must pair this thinking with a good work ethic & focus, and a desire to learn the skills to make that reality happen. Your education doesn’t finish when you graduate, in 2020 and beyond we have endless information and opportunity at our fingertips. Your motivation, desire, and ability to acquire these new skills will come from the quality of your thoughts.

Let’s bring it back to right now. We are in a middle of a world-wide pandemic. The quality and focus of your thoughts can dramatically change your experience. This is not to devalue any negative experiences, rather an opportunity to rewire thoughts to: where do you want to go, what you want to achieve and how do you want to live.

Pair this with those golden qualities of desire and work ethic and I bet you get there.

Upgrade your mindset, upgrade your life.

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